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Hallo there,


 My name is Kalandranis Dimitris and I am a Fine Artist and photographer. I was raised up inside a Photo and Design lab due to family heritage. Since then, I remember nothing more that the sea, cameras, stencils, lettering, many many colours, the smell of minilab printing machine, films and papers. 


 The dark room of my father became a story telling place and many people who I never knew and met, became friends and foes! I have seen many lives inside there. My interest for Art became stronger by time and I decided I wanted to climb the mountain of Fine Arts instead of other possibilities like Fine Arts and Fine Arts. Maybe I missed some also...forgive me.


 I love people and I love their culture and uniqueness, I love to draw it, shoot it eat it, smell it and generall react with it. I work with various projects and situations and I am bound to detail work. I like to believe that I choose the best moments of my couples, models or just nature's. I also love children and that is why I like teaching them Art or taking pictures of them.  


 I am a passionate traveller and I like imprinting the world around me, believing that every moment is precious and unique. I like to work professionaly with every type of photography and I do not put limitations on  my work. I have an essence of reportage in my shooting depending on the conditions of my subject and sorroundings. I will travel with you and your family or company if you are interested in recording your moments of your life, almost everywhere. In this way you can have hight quality pictures and memories under a professional way. 



 I like creating artistic projects and combining them so if you have something like that in your mind I will gladlyy help you to make it come true.




 Kalandranis Dimitris 

Kalandranis Dimitris Photography